Do you use scooters?

No, we have since moved to only using vehicles for a number of reasons. Why then the name Scooter Angels? We would hate to lose brand awareness and our name is already part of so many customers’ lives.

Do I have to be a member to make use of Scooter Angels?

No, you do not need to be a member, we gladly service non-members as well, but not on Fridays, Saturdays from 1 November - 31 December or on New Year's Eve. Members take preference and get better trip rates, so it is not a bad idea to sign up 🙂

In what areas is the Scooter Angels service available?

We currently have branches Bloemfontein, Cape Town, Durban, East London, George, Johannesburg, Port Elizabeth & Pretoria. One membership covers you in all these regions!

Can I only book a trips back to my home address?

No, we are flexible and you may use the service from any location to any location. Eg. From one pub to another.

Do I have to pre-book for a fixed time?

This is always advisable to ensure a availability. However, you can make an ad hoc booking, but this is subject to availability and this may take up to three hours.

Can I pay with my Credit Card?

Unfortunately not. We accept cash, EFT or debit order.

How do members pay?

Members may pay COD or charge trips to their account which is then collected via monthly debit orders.

What is the member’s billing cycle?

From 10:00 am on the 25th of each month until the same date and time of the following month.

Unused free km’s at the end of each billing cycle fall away. Pro rata membership fees may be charged.

Must I have my own vehicle?

Yes, Scooter Angels is a Designated Driver Service and as such can only drive you in your own vehicle. Unfortunately we do not offer a taxi service.

What do I do if I need to cancel or change my collection time?

You must inform our call centre on 087 233 8787 at least one hour before the scheduled collection time should you wish to amend the time or cancel the trip.

If this is not done in time, you will be held liable for a cancellation fee that will be equal to the minimum trip charge. Please be aware that the change is subject to driver availability.

Can friends be dropped off en route?

Yes, with pleasure. There is a one off charge of R50 for up to two additional stops for friends. For Classic, Partner and Family Plans, friends are dropped off at no extra charge.

May I join as a member to qualify for the member rate and then cancel my membership?

Should you cancel your membership within the first six months after joining, there will be a penalty fee of R250 (R500 if on Family Plan package).

What happens if your driver has an accident in my vehicle?

Should an accident occur, Scooter Angels, its driver and all employees will not be liable in any respect.

The customer is responsible for insuring their own vehicle including third party drivers and drivers under the age of 25.

What if we are a group of people and need a shuttle?

We do offer a shuttle service starting from 6-seaters up to larger groups. Please contact us to request a quotation to suit your needs.

Please be advised that all shuttle bookings are done on a strictly prepaid basis due to limited availability.

How long do I need to wait after placing my ad hoc call out request?

The waiting period from the time of the call out until the time of collection could be as much as 3 hours but is normally about one hour. The call centre will clarify this at the time of your call.

Pre booking 3 hours in advance is obviously prefereable. Once the call centre has informed the client that the driver has arrived, the client is allowed a 15 minute grace period to meet the driver.

After the initial 15 minute grace period a surcharge of R30 for every 15 minutes (or part thereof) will be charged

How do I verify that my driver is who he/she says they are?

All our drivers are easily identifiable by the reflective vest they wear. This vest clearly displays the Scooter Angels logo. Should you be in any doubt, you are welcome to contact our national call centre to confirm the identity of your driver using his/her driver license.

What are the consequences if I get caught drinking & driving?

If you are over the legal limit & are stopped in a roadblock, you will be summarily arrested and have to appear in court. There are no options such as an admission of guilt fine.

If you’re found guilty of drunk driving in South Africa you could face up to 6 years in jail. You could also be liable for fines of up to R120 000 and your driver’s license may be suspended.

You will also have a criminal record which can have serious ramifications for the rest of your life. Of course, the worst case scenario is that you could kill someone else on the road, your loved ones or yourself.

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