Function Service


Be a responsible host! Have our driver teams on-site to conveniently drive your guests/staff/clients home in the comfort of their own cars. This ensures a safe and responsible alternative to driving under the influence for all attendees, while they can still enjoy a drink or two.


Other than people having the freedom and convenience of leaving at their own time, having us present will also eliminate the hassle and need for individual bookings to be made.


Also, we have proven that the visible presence of driver teams naturally deters people from taking a chance and driving themselves home.


Optionally available is a coordinator with a booking station (see picture). Our teams will work on a rotational system for the period, each drive multiple guests throughout the evening.

There are different options to consider for your Function Service:


Designated DriversOption 1:


Company/organisers cover all costs and trips are offered on a complimentary basis to guests. (Offer most value and convenient for all.)


Option 2:


Company/organisers only hire us to be present, but trips are for guests’/attendees’ own account on a COD basis.


Optional extras:


Both the above options can have a Booking Station, manned by a coordinator who liaises with the guests and manages all the trips for the evening.


We also offer an optional breathalyser service at the kiosk! (Commercial equipment with disposable mouth pieces)






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