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Scooter Angel Rates – Scooter Angels Designated Drunk Driver Service for Take Me Home

Scooter Angels Designated Drunk Driver Service for Take Me Home

Joining is advisable, as members benefit from:

NON-MEMBERS are welcome to experience our service

  1. The non-member service is subject to availability and members take preference.
  2. Non-member service is not available on Fridays, Saturdays from 1 November – 31 December and on New Year’s Eve.
  3. Read the Additional Charges section below, as some are applicable to non-member bookings.
  4. We will not be held liable for any accident damage, so ensure your vehicle is properly covered by your own insurance. 
  5. The cost for non-member trips is expensive. To save, simply signup as member. Rates: R14 per km plus R165.00 pick-up fee with a 15 km minimum trip charge. This is usually payable in cash to the driver, but we reserve the right to request upfront payment.


Choose our Saver Plan today and save R588!
Pay only R600 per anum if you pay upfront

Saver Plan

R99 / month
  • No included km
  • Single User
  • Passenger drop fees apply
  • R13.20 per km
  • Minimum 15km trip
  • Ideally suited for those who require occasional or infrequent service.


R199 / month
  • No included km
  • Single User
  • *Guest Cover
  • R13.20 per km
  • Minimum 5km trip
  • Better suited for those who party close to home since the minimum trip charge is only 5 km!

Partner Plan

R499 / month
  • 60 km included!
  • Two users allowed
  • *Guest Cover
  • R13.20 per km
  • Minimum 15km trip
  • Suited for those who would use the service three or more times a month, individually or as a couple. The package includes 60 free km so you get up to 4 free 15 km trips per month.

Discovery Insure Members

R30 / month
  • No included km
  • Single User
  • *Guest Cover
  • R13.20 per km
  • Minimum 15km trip

Corporate Accounts

R0 / month
  • No included km
  • 5+ Users
  • R13.90 per km
  • Minimum 5km trip

* Book on behalf of any guests visiting your home and they will be charged at your rate on a COD basis. Alternatively, with your permission, they may charge their trip to your account.


ADMIN: An Annual Admin Fee of R99 is charged. (Does not Apply to Discovery Insure Members)

PASSENGER DROP OFF’S: A fee of R50 is applicable to Saver Plan Members and non-members only, but there is no limit to the number of drops.

TAKE-AWAY FOOD STOPS: If drivers are requested to stop and wait, a surcharge of R30 per stop is levied.
TOLLS: Toll charges, including the Tolls for the Sweeper (following) vehicle, will be for the members account.

WAITING: A 15 minute grace period after arrival is allowed. Thereafter a R30 waiting fee will apply to each 15 minute period.


TRIP CANCELLATIONS: A charge equal to a 15 km trip is levied for bookings that are cancelled with less than one hour notification or for “no shows”.

MEMBERSHIP CANCELLATION: Cancel any package with only 30 days’ notice. If cancelled within 6 months of joining, a fee of R250 applies.

SPECIAL DAYS: Surcharges apply for trips on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day and only members will be served on these days.

NOTE: A debit order collection system is used for all packages. The Membership Fee is debited in advance, normally on the last working day of each month. Your first debit will include the Annual Admin fee and may include an initial pro rata amount. Scooter Angel’s  Terms & Conditions


  • Shuttle Service (3, 6, 9 & 20 seaters available)
  • Corporate Accounts ( Highly competitive & flexible staff packages)
  • Function Service (Hire drivers to be on-site at weddings, events, parties & corporate functions) Click Here to Learn More!

Service Available in Bloemfontein, Cape Town, Durban, East London, George, Johannesburg, Port Elizabeth & Pretoria